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Hand poured • 100% Natural Soy Wax • Phthalate Free • Autism Employment • Eco Friendly

About us

Four years ago we found out our son was on the Autism Spectrum. At the time we didn't really understand the magnitude of this. He was still our baby and we love him no matter what. But we spent a lot of time doing research over the years and learned what his life could really look like long term.

According to a 2012 canadian survey, a mere 14.3% of adults on the autism spectrum are employed. Compare this to 92% for the general population. From what we see this is not due to a lack of interest in working, but more a lack of understanding from employers. Our goal is to help change this, even if its a very small change at first. 

Charm & Wick is inspired by our sons journey. We currently have 4 adults on the spectrum working for us part time. Our goal is to grow this company so we can help more adults on the autism spectrum find full time employement through our company. All while raising awareness to others in the process. Thanks for stopping by and considering our products, your business means the world to us, and we can’t thank you enough! 

The Charm and Wick Team!

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